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Abba Ministries of Canada seeks like-minded individuals who will work for Christ without pay or reward, digging deep into their own resources in order to spread His Word. [We can, as a politician once said, offer nothing but blood, sweat and tears...]

Husband and wife teams are great; those who have been rejected are welcome; we ordain both men and women; even rich people who are dedicated Christians can apply. We need people with a sound practical grounding in theology. Education and training are both viable processes, but down-to-earth ministry experience is even better. Did you ever walk the streets of Vancouver's downtown east side? We may well be interested in you.

Do you understand the Bible, and are you at least in passing in touch with modern cross-denominational Christian scholarship? Perfect!

Are you familiar-first hand-with the mind-numbing poverty of Africa? Let's talk.

Prison ministry, shelters, outreach, community work, church plants, inner city ministry, missions, youth ministry... the possibilities are endless.

Or do you simply love Jesus, understand His program and want to get to work? Black, Caucasian, First Nations, Chinese, it doesn't matter: Abba even ordained an Irishman! [That would be our Bishop Emeritus.] So we invite you to join us to serve God in the name of Jesus.

By the way, Abba Ministries does not seek to bring good folk from other churches; rather, we are looking for those people who perhaps do not relate directly to what is currently out there, but have the vision to develop a truly Christian Church as Disciples of our Lord.

Ordination and credentialing is not completed via the internet, application forms are available for those with a serious calling to ministry: please contact Rev. Josephine Egan directly via the Abba website or at ordination@abba.ca

Please note that: we are NOT interested in people who are insincere or egotistic. Abba Ministries of Canada is also TOTALLY intolerant of pedophiles, sex offenders or abusers of any stamp or persuasion. If you seek ordination with Abba Ministries of Canada you will give us permission to conduct a rigorous screening process, undergo a police check and 'fast track' screening with the Childrens Aid Society that will reveal any criminal convictions that might bar you from working with children or at risk/vulnerable adults.

Above all you must be motivated to join a non-elite group of servants, who seek only to follow the Lord.

Serve Christ. Join us. Request for our ordination application package today!